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An Eye Injury

Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah Skeen on May 20, 2009

My sweet little Samson somehow managed to get a pretty bad eye injury. He must have gotten in a fight because there looks to be a small puncture wound on the front of the cloudy area. The worst part was that financially we were unable to take him to the vet. We are just getting by as it is. Taking him to the vet would have meant we wouldn’t eat for a week. So…..I posted a wish on Wish Upon A Hero and a lovely, kind woman named Melinda granted my wish and overnighted me the funds needed to take Samson to the vet. It warms my heart to know that there are still good and kind people in the world like Melinda. The vet looked at Samson eye and told us that his eye would never be the same and he will never regain the lost vision. Luckily the antibiotic ointment seems to be doing the trick. The next step would have been to sew his eye shut. The thought of doing that turns my stomach! After a few days on the antibiotic ointment he is now able to keep his eye open and it’s oozing much less. Thank you so much Melinda!
samsons eye


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