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Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah Skeen on January 12, 2009

I was raised in a very religious household. A born again Christian household. Growing up there was no Halloween (it was the devils holiday), there was no Santa Clause, and no Easter Bunny. I couldn’t listen to the kind of music that I wanted to listen to…in fact, my step father opened up my little purple plastic boom box and rigged it so that I could only listen to the Christian radio station. I was taken out of public school in 7th grade to be home schooled because my parents didn’t believe in some of the things they were teaching (Greek mythology). I was only allowed to be friends with kids in the church. When I was very little I loved going to church. My friends were there and I loved Sunday School. But when I started to get older my eyes started to open. I saw our preacher run off with his secretary leaving behind a wife and kids. How Christian is that? I saw a new preacher get up and tell people that the more money they gave to the church the more faith in God they had. I then saw the same preacher run off with his secretary. Pretty Christian, right? Ever since then my experiences with born again Christians haven’t really been very positive. I see them as being very judgmental. I realize that this sounds as if I’m making a generalization but really I’m not. I have, up until now, been made to feel like I am going down the wrong “path” and that my soul needs to be saved. I’m not going down the wrong path and my soul is just fine! I’m living a happy life as an agnostic and I believe that when I die whatever happens will happen and I will die knowing that I have lived a good life. I like discussing religion with people who don’t try to push theirs on me but I tend to steer clear of these conversations with the born again Christians because for some reason they feel that because I’m opening up a dialogue it means that I want to be “saved” but it doesn’t. It means that I’m interested in hearing others points of view and sometimes I like debating it but I am firm in my beliefs.


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  1. jamee said, on January 12, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    I can see how those things affected you in the way they did. One thing I try to remember is that I can’t base any belief in the bible on the acts of an imperfect human. They simply cannot do everything they are supposed to since they are imperfect. It’s really a shame he did that because he was in such a position to set a good example :\ (and no I am not Born Again Christian)

  2. kimbolina said, on January 12, 2009 at 6:38 pm


    I was raised without religion…or rather with them all…..my mom had a very firm belief that faith was not something to be given away freely, or by someone else, that it should be thought upon, researched, soul searched, until you yourself found a place to put it. While we were young she took us to churches of all sort, catholic, christian, synagouge, mosque, monastary, temple, she read to us from the bible, the book of morman, the koran, the talmuh, she did all that she could to ensure we understood that “good”, and “holy” comes in many forms, and when we were of an age to decide, she left it to us to place our faith where we would have it.

    I placed it in myself.

    I believe you have come to the same desicion and who in the world can argue with that.

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