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Life Update

Posted in life by Sarah Skeen on November 9, 2007

Well, since we’ve gotten back from Florida it feels like we haven’t had any rest. We had to spend the good part of the day on Monday at the hospital for pre-op testing for my laparoscopy. Then Tuesday we spent running errands so that we were stocked up and didn’t have to go anywhere after my surgery. Then Wednesday (day of surgery) I find out that my surgery had to be postponed but I still had to go in and have an ultrasound done. Then Lily comes down with a stomach bug and hasn’t been sleeping. I thought she was feeling better but she started puking again and now I am coming down with something. I hate the change of seasons just because I always get sick! I called my dad tonight and found out that he has been out of work for 5 days due to a big kidney stone. He has to go in and have it taken out on Monday because it’s too big to pass. It snowed tonight so I guess the cold weather is here to stay. Hmmmm…..let me think of something positive to write….Oh, something cute….Lily woke up in the middle of the night the other night and I went down and comforted her and while I was sitting there her stomach growled. She got a frightened look on her face and looked at me and said “It just a dog…that’s all!” It was so cute! Ok, that’s all for now…

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