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Egg Donation

Posted in egg donation by Sarah Skeen on August 25, 2007

Boy, this one sure isn’t going as smoothly as the others I have done. I have been on my lupron which keeps me from ovulating. My estradiol levels have to be low enough for me to start the Gonal F but for some reason my levels aren’t going low enough. They were going to cancel the cycle all together and have me start over but they decided to give me until Tuesday to see if my levels went down. So frustrating! As it looks now, if my levels are low enough on Tuesday, my retrieval won’t be until Sept. 9th which really sucks because we have a big family thing to do on the 9th. So, anyone who reads this, please pray and send lots of positive vibes that this cycle takes a turn for the better.


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  1. Amy Callahan said, on August 27, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    HUGS!!! Hang in there. You are doing an amazing thing!!!

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