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Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah Skeen on May 25, 2007

Can you guess what the weather was like here today? HOT! It got up in to the low 90s today and we have no air conditioning! Our central air unit broke last summer and we couldn’t afford a new one. We also have windows that swing out from the bottom so we are unable to put any window units in. I don’t know how we are going to survive the summer!

My dad will be getting here on Sunday and I am really looking forward to seeing him. I have a ton of housework to do before he gets here though…not looking forward to that lol

Lily had been pooping every 2 days or so…not big ones but big enough. The other day she was fussing and crying and saying poop after she had just pooped the day before. I didn’t understand why she was acting like she hadn’t pooped in a week. She finally got so worked up that I told Seth that I thought we should give her an enema. He said maybe we should wait until tomorrow but I just didn’t think she could wait. The amount of poop that came out of her shocked me. It was also hard and to the point that if we had waited we would have been in the ER again with an impacted bowel. I wish I knew what was going on with her. We have basically cut out dairy altogether too. She gets about a quarter of a cup of milk a day, if that, and that is the extent of her dairy intake. We have an appointment with her specialist next week so we will find out the results of her tests and maybe get some answers.

An online friend of mine (Amy C.) and her son built bird houses and decorated them so, of course, I wanted one too. I made Seth build me one out of some wood we had laying around and now I am in the process of decorating it so I can put it in my garden. It’s so much fun and it is going to be the boldest most out of the ordinary bird house around lol I will post pics when it’s done!


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  1. Amy Callahan said, on June 1, 2007 at 10:20 am

    Poor Lily! I wish you could get some answers. I can’t wait to see your birdhouse!!! They are so much fun to do. My advice is to use tons of Modgepodge to make sure all the paper is adhered really well, and them when it’s completely dry use at least 3 coats of polyurithaine to protect it from the elements. 🙂

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