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A trip to the ER

Posted in Uncategorized by Sarah Skeen on April 28, 2007

Yesterday was 8 days since Lily had had a bowel movement. We had given her an enema 2 days before that and nothing but a little liquid came back out so we were starting to get really worried. So, yesterday morning we called the specialist that she was referred to but the doc wasn’t in and the doc on call said they reccommended going to the ER. We got there around noon and they checked her in. The first thing was to get some xrays done. They showed that her chest was full of air and that she had an impacted bowel (a huge piece of poop that was too big for her to pass). The doctor then had to take his finger and scoop it out….poor baby! He finally got to a point where his finger couldn’t reach the rest so they administered another enema which did the trick. After the poop was all out a lot of the air came out. They were going to discharge us but before they did they wanted to take her temperature again. It’s a good thing they did because it jumped up to 104.3! They gave her some Tylenol, took blood and took urine with a catheter. Blood came back normal and urine ended up showing a UTI which they gave us antibiotics for. After 8 1/2 hours in the ER we were finally able to come home. Lily feels much better but all three of us really need to catch up on sleep after not getting much of it for a week!


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  1. Tabitha said, on April 28, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    Poor Lily! So much for such a little one to go through. I hope you get some answers soon on what the underlying problem is. (((hugs))) to you both!

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